West Ada Classified Staff Organizing Committee (WACSOC)

“Support staff represent nearly half of all employees in our nation’s school districts. Simply put, schools can’t operate without us; teachers can’t teach without us, students can’t succeed without us.”
–Kathie Axtell, 2009 NEA ESP of the Year

Who are we?

We are classified staff working in the West Ada School District.

We care deeply about the education of our children.  

We know a committed and experienced staff is critical to ensure high-quality education.

We know when we stand together as co-workers we can achieve amazing things.


Last spring, a group of educators in the West Ada School District determined that it was necessary to elevate the role of the District’s classified staff. The West Ada School District should provide the necessary compensation to retain qualified staff.

West Ada’s classified staff, also called ESPs or Educational Support Professionals, have a vitally important role to play in supporting student achievement. We’re behind the scenes keeping everything running, from front offices, cafeterias, and libraries to caring for the schools and grounds.

The moment has arrived for us to step up and ask for the compensation that is necessary to keep us in our homes and to provide essentials like health care for our families. Without a living wage, many more of us will move on and out of education. Without a living wage, West Ada School District will be forced to continually repeat the tasks of hiring, training, and onboarding new staff, rather than retaining staff.

What can I do?

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Talk to your colleagues.
Contact us.
Join us.